Friday, July 24, 2009

Gospel Astonishment

"There is no commitment we will make as church planters of greater importance than living close to Jesus.  For church planting can become an idol factory; a prostitution ring; a cruel taskmaster; a breeding ground for addictions… we need church planters who will love Jesus with abandon, and who cultivate a lifestyle of growing in His grace and knowledge.  Until you know yourself to be slow of heart to believe the gospel, you will never cultivate a burning heart for the gospel.  Churches planted with the DNA of the gospel will be led by those who live a life of gospel astonishment."

Scotty Smith, here on pg. 15

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LosHub Admin said...

I love this quote. What a GREAT reminder about the single most important, central, overriding issue in our lives and ministry - living close to Jesus! It is so simple and so profound. I found this quote to be a challenging, timely reminder to come back to the person of Christ, both in my own life personally and in my ministry. "We need church planters who love Jesus with abandon." Amen! May that be what characterizes our lives, what people notice when they leave our presence, what those closest to us would say about us...that living close to Jesus and loving Him with abandon is the defining characteristic of our lives.