Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Starting a Bible Study in a Mosque

From the Zwemer Center:

In January Dr. David Cashin visited Nagoya Theological Seminary in Japan to teach a short course on Islam. As part of the course he took 11 students to the local mosque to observe Friday worship and to engage in dialogue. Eight Muslims stayed after the service and engaged in almost two hours of discussion and questions about the Islamic faith. This dialogue culminated with the head of the mosque committee agreeing to have a Bible study in the Mosque! If you would like to know how Dr. Cashin made the invitation to study the Bible click here to watch a narrated power point presentation on “Starting a Bible Study in a Mosque.” You too can begin inviting Muslims to study the Bible with you. If you like this free resource let us know.

The “narrated PowerPoint presentation” is about 12 minutes long.  Uses the Qur’an as a bridge to get Muslims into the Bible.

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