Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cape Town – Opening Ceremonies - Warrick

Yesterday I arrived in Cape Town.  Beautiful city.  David Garrison was on the flight with me, and we got to hang out for about 30 minutes on the way to the convention center.  He gave me a nice lesson on the difference between contextualization and indigenization.
This morning I attended a church where Ligon Duncan spoke.
Opening ceremonies are right now.  This is quite an event. Awesome djembe session!  The conference is huge. 4500 participants.  Each participant sits at a table with 5 others.  (The congress is discussion based- no speaker goes longer than 15 minutes, except the Bible exposition which goes 25 minutes.)
As a white male I definitely feel like a minority here.  Fun. Lots of translation going on around me for those who don’t speak English.
Main theme here- the fame of Jesus spreading throughout the whole earth.  Prayer is that this event is a catalyst for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom.
A letter from Billy Graham is being read.  He says, “The deepest needs of the heart have not changed since the first Lausanne Congress in 1974: the need to be reconciled to God.”
Another letter read from John Stott: he prays for us as we make known the uniqueness of Christ throughout the world.
A video was shown, produced by Cape Town 2010, “the history of Christian mission from Pentecost to Edinburgh.”  Fascinating and well done.
Now some presentations on the 20th century which show how Christianity has spread in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

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