Monday, April 18, 2011

Vision for MBB Discipleship

Don Little says, “Part of the reason for our poor success in discipling BMBs [Believers from Muslim Backgrounds] has been that we have had an inadequate understanding of how discipleship works and what is the objective of discipleship. When our discipleship vision is weak then our practice will also be weak.

So, what is the vision for discipling MBBs?

From Little’s Effective Insider Discipling: Helping Arab World Believers From Muslim Backgrounds Persevere And Thrive In Community, pg. 227:

We endeavour to see believers from Muslim backgrounds (1) living in loving mutual submission within believing church groups that (2) experience together the transforming grace of God through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. (3) They live their lives together in submission to the scriptures and in obedience to their Lord, (4) developing individual and corporate routines that fortify their faith (5) so that their worldviews are transformed in ways faithful to the reality of the great biblical story of creation, fall and redemption. (6) Further, they live out their faith in obedience to Christ in ways suitable to their culture and society. (7) Growing increasingly into Christ-like holiness together, (8) they compassionately serve and (9) reach out with the gospel to people in their families, social networks, communities and beyond, bringing Glory to God (10) as they grow and multiply.

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