Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Factors Influencing Palestinian Muslims Coming to Christ

Muslim Conversions to Christ: An Investigation of Palestinian Converts Living in the Holy LandMuslim Conversions to Christ: An Investigation of Palestinian Converts Living in the Holy Land

Abu Daoud summarizes:

Greenham in Ch 5 provides two lists of categories explaining why Muslims convert:

Lesser Importance are
1) political Instability,
2) Rejection of Islam,
3) Christian Media,
4) Personal Crisis,
5) Community,
6) God’s Honor.

The categories of “Greater Prominence” are
1) Reading the Bible,
2) Role of Believers,
3) Truth of Jesus’ Message,
4) God’s Miraculous Involvement,
5) Person of Jesus.


Abu Daoud said...

Am always amazed when people read my blog!

You should know that most of Greenham's research was published in a long article at ST Francis Magazine:

--Abu Daoud

Warrick Farah said...

Thanks for the link to the article! I didn't know it was there.

CL Edwards said...

I am a former Muslim, I converted to Christ Jesus 10 months ago, since then I have been involved in witnessing and offering a defense of Christianity to Muslims. I would for the most part agree with this list, it reflects my own experience(I am not Palestinian, actually a American convert. I honestly believe presenting the person of Christ and the supremacy of the Bible should always be the primary goal in witnessing to Muslims, once they see who Jesus really is and compare Him to Muhammad, they will figure out one is real and the other is false God willing.

Abu Daoud said...

Hi CL, I have many ex-Muslim friends from various backgrounds. Would love to be in touch and hear your story if you are willing to share and talk about it.

If interested, please do email me at winterlightning (at) safe-mail (d0t) net.

Hope you are well.

Abu Daoud