Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Ten Circumpolar Posts of 2011

10. Salvation sans Jesus? A good point I wish Rob Bell had considered.

9. The Purpose (Vision) and Task (Mission) of Missions These are the most important questions we can answer.

8. The Qur’an as a bridge to… Do we want MBBs to think the Qur’an led them to faith?

7. “I am an Atheist and a Muslim” When Muslims say “Muslim” they tend to think in cultural categories. When we say “Muslim” we tend to think in theological categories.

6. One Cross, One Way, Many Journeys, GreenleeHow we conceive of conversion determines how we do evangelism.” Enough said.

5. Polygamy and Creation Make points Muslims can agree with.

4. Was Mohammed a prophet? How different people nuance the question.

3. Thinking Missiologically About Dreams What do we do when our Muslim friends dream of Jesus?

2. My take on the DG national conference: The difference between evangelism and missions Good exhortation from Abdul Asad on the importance of the unreached nations.

1. The best article on the C3-C5 debate in the last couple years Get yourself caught up on the debate and learn what the real issues are.

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