Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Short Video: the Trinity for Muslims

From Dar al-Masih:

Here's a great little video from Crescent Project that may give you some ideas for explaining the Trinity to Muslims.


Minor Note: I don’t really like the H2O analogy.  Grudem says this:

The analogy of the three forms of water (steam, water, and ice) is also inadequate [for explaining the Trinity] because (a) no quantity of water is ever all three of these at the same time, (b) they have different properties or characteristics, (c) the analogy has nothing that corresponds to the fact that there is only one God (there is no such thing as “one water” or “all the water in the universe”), and (d) the element of intelligent personality is lacking (240).

But the video is interesting and worth at least a 2 minute investment of time.  I’m looking forward to more of these from Crescent Project.

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