Thursday, February 4, 2010

Video Conversation between Parshall and J. D. Payne

It is hard to find a book on Muslim ministry these days without finding Phil Parshall’s name somewhere on the front or back cover.  And readers of this blog know that I am reading a book by J.D. Payne called Discovering Church Planting.  So when a recent post at The Missional Mind featured a conversation between the two I couldn’t pass it up (I only wish they would have discussed some deeper ministry issues regarding church planting and contextualization!):

We continue to be faced with the question "what is the best way to reach Muslims for Christ?" Many voices have joined this missional conversation, but one of the most respected is Phil Parshall.

He served as a missionary in Bangladesh for 21 years. He founded the Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School, and served as Vice-president of the Bangladesh Bible Society. He has also served Muslims in the Philippines with SIM for almost 20 years, as Director of the Asian Research Center.

He completed his Doctor of Missiology degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1980, and also studied at Yale and Harvard and has authored nine books on Islam, including The Cross and the Crescent.

Many today look to Parshall when it comes to wisdom for navigating the challenging waters of contextualization (living incarnationally in the Muslim cultural reality).

I invite you to watch and listen carefully to this fascinating conversation between J. D. Payne, author of Discovering Church Planting, and Phil Parshall.

[Click through to Circumpolar to the get the video.]

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