Friday, February 5, 2010

Bob Blincoe: The Missionary Advantage

From Desiring God:

The audio of Bob Blincoe's [Blincoe is the US Director of Frontiers] message, "Christian Hedonism—The Missionary Advantage of Desiring God," is now online. You can also read the notes.

Here's how he defined "the missionary advantage":

The missionary advantage is God's clear promise that Jesus Christ will go with us as we make disciples of the "ethnē" (the nations). Jesus will go with us through our Gethsemane. Therefore we can say with the poet, "Riches I heed not nor man's empty praise; Thou my inheritance, now and always…"

Remind your missionaries one hundred times that Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth. Remind them that they have a heavenly Father who knows their needs.

HT: Abdul Asad

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