Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stories of God's Amazing Love – Short Arabic Videos is a website for Muslim seekers in Arabic or English with the Shareef Bible translation and several chronological video stories (in Gulf Arabic) that can be downloaded for iTunes, Windows, and Nokia mobile phones. 
I have watched these videos with several Muslims seekers and I think they are a valuable resource.  I appreciate the contextual approach and also that the OT videos clearly point to the gospel.  The total playing time for the 17 short videos is a little over 1 hour.  Here are a list of the stories available:
  1. Story of God’s Love (6 minute overview)
  2. Story of the Beginning
  3. The Creation
  4. The Separation
  5. The Flood
  6. The Tower of Babel
  7. The Sacrifice of Abraham
  8. Prophecy of Isa's Coming
  9. The Birth of Saidna Isa
  10. The New Birth
  11. The Life of Isa Al Mesiah
  12. The Possessed Man
  13. The Trail of Isa
  14. The Crucifixion of Isa
  15. The Resurrection of Isa
  16. The Holy Spirit
  17. The Return of Isa Al Mesiah
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