Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What are the questions Muslims are asking of God?

clip_image001Every culture has a worldview, they all ask: What is human? What is important? What is life? What are we supposed to be doing in this world?... etc. Cultures have a set of answers to those questions and that makes up a worldview. Christianity changes the set of answer to those questions.

“Contextualization is not giving people what they want. It is giving God’s answers (which they probably do not want) to the questions they are asking and in forms they can comprehend.” –Tim Keller

So, what are the questions Muslims are asking?  Here are some of the major, common ones that I have experienced.  Of course everyone is different, and Islam varies from place to place, but in general, the Islamic worldview wants to know:

  1. How can I be clean before God?
  2. Am I following the guidance of the straight path?
  3. How can I be protected from Satan? 
  4. Will my mediator (Mohammed) view me as a true Muslim on Judgment Day?

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this.

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Abu Daoud said...

Two questions Muslims have asked me: what do you mean when you say Jesus is the Son of God? And, what is the difference between Islam and Christianity?