Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Prophets’ Story – Video Resource

Here is a great new 7 minute evangelistic video in English developed for a Muslim audience (originally done for SE Asians).  I hear they have plans to translate this into other languages. 

You can also download the youtube video above using and just save it in whatever format your mobile phone uses (most use 3gp).  Then you can bluetooth it easily.  Share these with your Muslim friends and comment below.


Joseph said...

This is great, can we get it translated into Turkish?

The Rochester Stoddards said...
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Jake said...

This is great. Unfortunately, the download links don't work. They bring you to an error message:

Invalid or Deleted File.

Can this be fixed?


Warrick Farah said...

Sorry, I have no control over those links as those files aren't mine. Looks like they've been removed. Sorry!