Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cape Town – Day 2 – Warrick

This morning we talked about the importance of both the vertical and horizontal aspects of reconciliation from Ephesians 2.

I had a chance to meet Joseph Cumming and talk with him (his Arabic is awesome).  I invited him to become a blogger here on Circumpolar.  We’ll see what he says!

Good conversation with Dudley Woodberry too.  I wanted to join him for a lunch conversation he was having on the Insider Movement, but he told me it was a private lunch.  At least I tried.

Spent time also talking with with Evelyne Reisacher.  She has seen hundreds of Muslims in France come to faith.  Evelyne and Dudley will be presenting something on fruitful practices among Muslims in a few days.

I’ve only seen Abdul Asad a couple times.  He’s really busy running around trying to get autographs.  Instead, I’ve been in strategic meetings trying to advance the gospel among all the nations.

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