Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dr.Woodberry's Festschrift

This looks like an important book: Toward Respectful Understanding and Witness among Muslims: Essays in Honor of J. Dudley Woodberry.

From William Carey Library:

“In the midst of increasing tensions among Evangelicals on the best way to minister in Muslim contexts, this book comes as a wonderful resource that will help move the conversation forward, open up new
areas for discussion, and focus our eyes on the methods in light of the task we face.”
-- Scott Moreau • Professor, Intercultural Studies, Wheaton College • Editor, Evangelical Missions Quarterly

“Polished in the academy, the field, and the prayer closet, Dudley Woodberry's irenic spirit has blessed many. He has awakened our curiosity, mentored our research, reconciled our antagonisms, and expanded our vision with grace, passion, and a twinkle in his eye. These essays continue that heritage.”
-- Miriam Adeney, Ph.D. • Associate Professor of Global and Urban Ministries, Seattle Pacific University

Foreword By David W. Shenk
Preface By C. Doug McConnell
Preface and Acknowledgments By Evelyne A. Reisacher
Contributing Authors
Biography of J. Dudley Woodberry By Dean S. Gilliland

Encouraging Friendly Conversation Introduction by Charles E. Van Engen
1 Christian Attitudes toward Islam and Muslims: A Kerygmatic Approach By Martin Accad
2 The Ishmael Promises and Mission Motivation By Jonathan E. Culver
3 Squeezing Ethics Out of Law: What Is Shariʿa Anyway? By David L. Johnston
4 Portraying Muslim Women By Evelyne A. Reisacher
5 Current Trends in Islam and Christian Mission By Warren F. Larson

Christian Scholarship Introduction by Joseph L. Cumming
6 The Christian Scholar with Islam: “Go, Take, Learn” By Kenneth Cragg
7 Ṣifāt al-Dhāt in al-Ashʿarī’s Doctrine of God and Possible Christian Parallels By Joseph L. Cumming
8 Who Was “Allah” before Islam? Evidence that the Term “Allah” Originated with Jewish and Christian Arabs By Rick Brown
9 Folk Elements in Muslim Expressions of African Religion By Dean S. Gilliland
10 The Kaya “Shrine” and the Mosque: Religious Bifurcation among Miji-Kenda Muslims in Kenya By Stephen Mutuku Sesi

Christian Witness Introduction by Dean S. Gilliland
11 How Is the Gospel Good News for Muslims? By David H. Greenlee
12 Contextualization By Phil Parshall
13 Reflections on Jesus Movements among Muslims with Special Reference to Movements within Asian Muslim Communities By John Jay Travis
14 Afflictions by Jinn among the Swahili and an Appropriate Christian Approach By Caleb Chul-Soo Kim
15 Peacemaking as a Witness By Christine Amal Mallouhi

By Joseph L. Cumming

Complete Works of J. Dudley Woodberry
Compiled by Jared Holton

Selected Bibliography

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Abdul Asad عبد الأسد said...

I've just finished Accad's piece on a kerygmatic approach to Islam, and it is nothing short of excellent. Now skipped to Cumming's piece on the divine Sifat, also excellent though a "thicker" read! I look forward to reading the whole thing over the next few weeks - really want to digest it.