Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Islam: Ready for Export

Why is Islam a global faith despite the untranslatability of its charter document and the Arabization that accompanies its diffusion? 

This answer sums it up pretty well:

This is the essential substance of Islam, perhaps as simple and easily marketable a religious package as has ever been prepared for export.  Lacking a formal church organization by means of which they could enforce orthodoxy, the learned doctors of Islam have of necessity a gradualist position: first the Confession, then the Pillars, later the piety, and after that the learning of the law.

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Abu Daoud said...

In this late modern world people want identity and order. Heaven knows the Christian churches in the West (excepting certain old-fashioned Catholic groups) don't provide it. Islam does.

Peter Berger called it the heretical imperative. Read the book by that name. Simple religion which provides all answers without critical thought restores a sense of order and well-being in life.