Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another nail in the C Spectrum’s coffin?

Here is presentation from Jens Barnett called “Refusing to Choose” from the Coming to Faith in Christ Consultation II in 2010.  Barnett has recently modified it and allowed us to post it on Circumpolar with the hopes of furthering the discussion on socio-religious identity as it relates to our beloved MBB brothers and sisters.

Barnett has two chapters in the upcoming book Longing for Community: Church, Ummah, or Somewhere in Between?  The presentation is a preview of these chapters and includes some very helpful diagrams that enable us to think in terms of identity outside the confines of the C Spectrum.  Barnett’s contributions to MBB discipleship involve the theories of hybridity and multiple belonging, and need to be considered by anyone with an opinion on the Insider Movement.

(See the continuing discussion with evangelical leaders weighing in after the CT Cover Story.)

Download “Refusing to Choose” here and be sure to comment below.  Barnett will be following the comments.  Is this another nail in the C Spectrum’s coffin?


BarabbasFreed said...

I think the whole idea of "insider movement" is a misnomer. Jens speaks of hybridity. I think in terms of us/not-us where the new part of the body of Christ is seen by others as somehow stil "us" and yet somehow "no us". They are liminal, right on the edge of their culture of heritage. The question they are asking is "what does it mean to follow Jesus, here, now, in this context, and from my heritage".

Don Perry said...

I especially like where on Page 4 of the PDF he says, " could easily argue that Western evangelicalism is a contextualised “insider” movement within Modernity."

While I agree with the premise of the paper, I think that like many tools, the C Scale is both outliving its usefulness, and suffering by being utilized for purposes that it cannot serve well.

Thanks for this fine posting.

JensB said...

Thanks for the feedback. The paper above was made from some rough notes for a presentation. Over the last month or so I have reworked it quite a bit and it will hopefully be a chapter in another book. Seems there will be a few books looking at identity coming out this year... An important new stage in the discussion I believe. Will let you know the details once things are finalised...

Don Perry said...

Jens, Thank you for your work. I am a U.S. based worker who is trying to remember that guys like me are prone to look for simple formulas or easy generalizations. It is never that easy or simple.

I also appreciate the willingness of authors like yourself who will allow the posting of material like this that make it accessible to workers like myself, who are bivocational, who do not have the time or money to buy and read longer books, or do the research that you do.

Circumpolar does a lot of people a big favor by making helpful material like this accessible to all. I pray that this blog will continue to be a blessing to many around the world.