Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Historic Wind is Blowing Through the House of Islam (Mission Frontiers July/Aug 2013)

A really good issue of Mission Frontiers just came out: A Historic Wind is Blowing Through the House of Islam.

The main article is by David Garrison: God is Doing Something Historic.  I’m really looking forward to his forthcoming book: A Wind in the House of Islam (2014).

More than 86 percent of all the Muslim movements to Christ in the 1,381-year history of Islam have occurred in the last 12 years. In centuries past, movements and crusades have been initiated in an effort to bring Muslims the gospel from the western world. But now something is happening within the very communities where Islam is so heavily present. What is God using to bring these people to His kingdom?

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Abu Daoud said...

Thanks for linking to this. I liked Garrison's article, but found the editor's opening comments a bit annoying (see my post at my blog). I was hoping for specific examples from around the world in the rest of the issue, but didn't really find what I was looking for. In any case, I too am looking forward to Garrison's book.