Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two Triangles: the Gospel for Animists

Christopher Johnson modified his original presentation called Victorious Jesus and put it on a website called, “Two Triangles: the Gospel for Animists.”  Here is his introduction:

I shared the gospel countless times with Muslims, and for some reason they didn't seem interested. After creating the two triangles, I realized I had stumbled onto something that could change the way we share the gospel with Muslims and with anyone who believes in the devil.

Watch him explain his approach here:


Gene Daniels said...

Very good presentation, and yes this would be good for Muslims too I think. Probably would need a little modifications, but the concept is good.

Nancy Parlette said...

This is just a super presentation to use with folks in Haiti! I have made my own version combining it with some of the 3 Circle gospel (I must love geometry! ha ha). I am going to Haiti in 2 weeks to teach young people how to share the gospel and I'm eager to see how they receive it. In the past the American - Guilt-innocence gospel has been shared with little transformation. I'm hoping the Holy Spirit will do great things with this!! Thank you so much for creating it!!