Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dealing with Judas

Here is a short article called Dealing with Judas: Opportunity for Fear or Invitation to Faith? that has recently been sent to me by several people.  I don't know who wrote it and could not find it on the web.  Here are the main points:
  1. We can expect to find Judas within our inner circle.
  2. We can expect Judas to grow up within the movement-do not import him. 
  3. With God’s help, we can choose to deal with Judas ourselves-do not export him.
  4. We can learn to recognize Judas early.
  5. We can be aware that Judas often has money issues.
  6. Finally, we can reveal Christ in our midst by the way that we deal with Judas.
Read the whole thing (6 pages).

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