Saturday, September 12, 2009

Larson's Top 5 Books on Islam

Warren Larson, director of the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies, Columbia International University, recommends his top 5 books on Islam. Here they are without the pictures:

The Unseen Face Of Islam: Sharing the Gospel with Ordinary Muslims at Street Level By Bill Musk
This, Musk's best book on Islam, uncovers the practical issues most Muslims face—spirits, blessings, curses, saints, amulets, charms, love potions, and lots of fear.

Glad News! God Loves You, My Muslim Friend By Samy Tanagho
Helps readers to understand the religion by urging them to engage in personal conversations with its practitioners.

The Crescent Through The Eyes Of The Cross: Insights from an Arab Christian By Nabeel Jabbour
A helpful reflection on Islam's religious and cultural contexts, understanding the Muslim worldview, and the relationship between East and West.

Muslims, Christians And Jesus: Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships By Carl Medearis
Not a scholarly work and one that contains several errors about Islam, it nonetheless superbly demonstrates how Christians can and must lovingly interact with Muslims.

A Worldview Approach to Ministry Among Muslim Women By Cynthia Strong And Meg Page
Combines the ministry insights of women scholars and fieldworkers serving Muslim women, and explores Muslim-Christian differences and how Christian women can interact with Muslim women.


Bethany House Publishers said...

Hi Warrick. I saw your plug for your site in the comments on Ed Stetzer's site and wanted to check out your blog. I'm a publicist at Baker Publishing Group and worked on the Carl Medaris book you include in your list. We have a book coming out from Chosen Books early next year called Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend that I'd like to give you an advance review copy if you're interested ( If you'd like to take a look at it, please email me at Thanks!

Marti said...

Hi friend... Just wanted to echo your plug of "A Worldview Approach to Ministry Among Muslim Women." It's really well done, and is both thoughtful and practical for workers who want to be more effective in reaching Muslim women. Good stuff.