Friday, May 28, 2010

June 2010 Issue of St. Francis Magazine

From the latest issue of St. Francis Magazine.  Most of the articles focus on the Trinity.

The Trinity is incredibly important for our faith and our witness, Taylor Smythe

In this article, Smythe argues that the theology of the Trinity is not an afterthought, but central to the Christian faith. It has implications for our personal life, but also for how we view the organization of our societies by politics. >>Download pdf

The Trinity in Mission to Muslims, Bassam Madany

Bassam Madany has enjoined a life of mission in the Arab World. He believes that the Trinity is core to the Christian message. In this article he recalls how he discussed this article of the faith with Muslims. >>Download pdf

'Son of God' in Biblical perspective, Bradford Greer

In this article, Bradford Greer enters into the debate between Rick Brown and David Abernathy about the meaning of the term ‘Son of God’. He disagrees with both gentlemen. A middle position? >>Download pdf

The Trinity in the light of 1 John 4:18, David Abernathy

Abernathy shows how the love of God, for being eternal, has always needed more ‘others’ in the same Godhead. And the love that is enjoyed within the life of the Trinity makes human community possible.>> Download pdf

Explaining the Trinity to Muslims, n.n.

In this article you receive a wealth of information about what Muslims exactly believe about our Trinitarian views, and you will also get much practical help in how to talk about the subject with Muslims. >> Download pdf

Narrative and Metanarrative in Christianity and Islam, Duane Miller

Islam and Christianity each have coherent metanarratives, and in investigating the similarities and differences we gain important insights into the nature of both of these religions. Oops… should not use that word. >>Download pdf

St Paul's speech on the Areopagus, John Span

Did Paul, when he preached in Athens, suggest that the unknown god the Athenians worshipped, was really the YHWH that he proclaimed? This paper is a great exegetical tool for understanding what happened on the Areopagus! >>Download pdf

Straw Men and Stereotypes in Mission Frontiers, John Stringer

In this article, John Stringer discusses an editorial article from the April 2010 issue of Mission Frontiers. He believes that those who support the insider movement idea are mistaken in their view of other missionaries, of the Church, and of the Gospel. >>Download pdf

Complete Issue of St Francis Magazine 6:3 (June 2010)

This is the complete St Francis Magazine 6:3 (June 2010) issue. >>Download pdf

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