Saturday, July 10, 2010

Via an email someone forwarded me from David Garrison:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

imageWherever you are serving Christ, I know that we share a common desire is to see new believers and new believing communities multiply among the people to whom God has called us. For several years now, we’ve been calling these multiplying communities Church Planting Movements. And by God’s grace we are seeing a growing number of these movements from Cuba to China, India to Indonesia and many points in between.

Church Planting Movements are not so much a destination, as they are a journey, a journey of learning and becoming more useful as instruments of God in his great global harvest. All over the world, God is teaching us how we can be used by him to reap in the harvest fields to which he has called us. If only we could learn the many lessons God is teaching his harvesters around the world!

Now we can! This is your invitation to become a part of the global CPM learning community!

You are invited to log onto, and bookmark, the new website There you will find articles, case studies, PowerPoints, interactive resources, free downloadable booklets, and a forum for connecting with fellow CPM practitioners around the world.

After you login, let me encourage you to be more than a casual browser. Log into the <Join CPM Insider> feature. This will enable you to comment on articles and even enter into the secure <Iron-on-Iron Forum> where you can dialogue with other CPM practitioners around the world about the challenges that concern you most. Finally, we invite you to contribute your own insights, tools, and resources to the Church Planting website. This is a Learning Community and we can’t learn without learning from you. Join up, today!

May God bless you wherever you serve him!

David Garrison


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