Sunday, July 4, 2010

Surah al-Mulk

From Islam Future:

The Messenger of Allah said: “There is a Surah in the Quran which contains thirty ayaat which kept interceding for a man until his sins are forgiven. This Surah is ‘Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion.’ (Surah Mulk)” [At-Tirmidi & Abu Dawood]

Another example of an duty in Islam providing forgiveness of sins.  (See the posts below for other examples.)  Although it is possible that the argument of Surah al-Mulk 67 provides the motivation (hellfire) to keep one from sinning.

In any case, forgiveness of sins is definitely a concern in the Islamic worldview.

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quranteaching said...

Readers of three surah Surah Mulk , Surah rahman , Surah waqiah will get the following advantages, 1)- protection during sleep , 2)- protection in the grave, 3)- intercession in the next World.