Monday, December 6, 2010

Where There Was No Church – Integrating Fruitful Practices

WTWNC_coverFrom Fruitful Practice:

If you found this article [Seven Themes of Fruitfulness] helpful, you may want to buy Where There Was No Church, which brings these Fruitful Practices to life. Where There Was No Church is a collection of true stories that show what God is doing through his people among Muslims. If you work in the Muslim world or are interested in doing so in the future, you will find this an excellent resource. The principles illustrated through the stories will also be of value to anyone living among other peoples where there is no church. Questions for reflection (excellent for personal and group reflection) are included to help readers further their understanding of the concepts illustrated in each story. Order Where There Was No Church at Learning Together Press.

You can also order Where There Was No Church on Kindle for $5. (You don’t need an actual Kindle to read it but can download the app for free and start reading the book 1 minute from now).

Where There Was No Church contains real case studies and the entire descriptive list of Fruitful Practices.  I like the case studies because it’s an interactive way to think through which Fruitful Practices were illustrated in each story.  Our team plans to go through this book together and I’m sure it will stimulate some good discussions.

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