Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Desiring God National Conference 2011

Speaking of the impulses behind this year's DG National Conference, Sept. 23-25 in Minneapolis, MN, Piper shares the Need, the Command, the Joy and the Name at stake.  That he would pick this topic - Finish the Mission - for his national conference says a lot about Piper's priorities.  I thank God for how he used Piper to call me into this work myself.  And I pray that he uses Piper to do the same for many others through this conference.  The slate of speakers is tremendous.  After getting to know Michael Oh, Michael Ramsden, and Jason Mandryk at Cape Town last year, I can assure you that they will deliver!  Giglio, Platt and Stetzer are no slouches either!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this conference! I can't wait to go now!!!!

AT said...

it was a blessed conference.