Thursday, May 31, 2012

African-American Muslim Resources: Sin and the Wrath of God

In Islam, God must sacrifice his justice when he forgives sin.  Without a perfect atoning sacrifice to justify them before a perfectly holy God, Muslims are left standing alone hoping that their good deeds will be enough to outweigh their sins.  But of course, no amount of good deeds can ever appease the wrath of a perfectly holy God at sinful man.  Therefore, with no perfect sin-bearer to stand in the place of sinful man, Islam is forced to jettison the justice of God if it wants to claim that anyone will be forgiven.  Thus, Islam does not believe in the doctrine of original sin, and the result is a warped picture of God's wrath and justice.  Sadly, because of this, most Muslims do not grasp the weight of their sin as being worthy of the eternal wrath of a holy God.  Because it does not realize the seriousness of man's depravity and inability to appease God's wrath, Islam despises God's provision of Christ.

Below are a few songs from Shai Linne that talk about this issue.  The first is called "In Adam All Die", and the second is called "All Consuming Fire".

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