Wednesday, May 30, 2012

African-American Muslim Resources: The Trinity

There aren't necessarily a large number of conversions to Islam in America these days.  However, it is true that African-Americans are converting faster than any other demographic group.  The reasons are many and varied.  In my opinion, the biggest reason is that many feel jaded by an experience with the church that hasn't necessarily been Gospel-centered, and thus haven't  really come into contact with an authentic expression of Christianity.  Because of this, I want to begin posting some Hip Hop resources for those of you in an urban context.  Hopefully these resources will help you to communicate the Gospel more effectively in a context where Islam has arisen as yet another challenge to the Gospel.  First up - The Trinity - a major stumbling  block for Muslims.

Shai Linne (pictured) has a great story, and is a very gifted rapper and theologian.  Take a few minutes to listen to his song "Triune Praise" as it does an excellent job of explaining the Trinity.

And here is Jovan Mackenzy's "Triune God"...

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