Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arabian Dawn: Video Testimony of a Saudi MBB

Arabian Dawn from Arab World Media on Vimeo. (HT: MW). 

From Missions Catalyst:

Hearing the distinct voice of a Gulf Arab speaking of how he came to faith in Jesus Christ would be life changing for many seekers in the Arabian Peninsula. The current climate in the Arab world has led many to ask questions about their religious beliefs, but to know that others have asked similar questions and have chosen to follow Christ could cause hundreds, or even thousands, to seriously explore Christianity.

Arabian Dawn is a partnership project between Arab World Media and Middle East Media. [Their] plan is to produce ten to twelve video testimonies of believers in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Yemen. Three testimonies have already been filmed.

This is an exciting project because the viewer is left in no doubt that they have heard the voice of a Gulf Arab who was once a Muslim. No longer will they be able to deny that there are followers of Jesus Christ in the Arabian Peninsula. It will encourage those who have longed in secret to seek the truth, and it will strengthen those who have already chosen Christ by showing them they are not alone.

» Watch the first Arabian Dawn video, the testimony of a believer from Saudi Arabia. (English subtitles).

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Aaron said...

Fantastic video and comments! I'll be posting this on my Google+ page!