Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Middle East Experience

Just wanted to make you aware of an excellent new resource - the only one of its kind - Middle East Experience:
Middle East Experience is dedicated to providing an open-source forum for all the varied voices from today’s Middle East. Whether the voice is Sunni Muslim or Shia Muslim, Christian or Jewish, religious or non-religious, all these distinct voices can be found in one place. From war, oil, economics, the environment, to religious extremism; what happens in the Middle East today affects everyone.
The contributing editors read like a who's who among prominent voices "in the know" on a wide range of issues in the contemporary Middle East.  Continuously updated with numerous videos, book reviews, blogs, and articles, it is a one-stop source for those of you who want an unbiased and open discussion about the region and its many fascinating peoples and places. 

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zahid said...

nice blog thanks
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