Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mission History and Humility

I’ll be attending the Bridging the Divide conference next month (I’m sure I’ll post what I can on that later).  In order to prepare for the dialogue I’ve been thinking a lot about humility.  I think this cartoon (you’ve probably seen this before) puts a lot in perspective rather quickly. (Click on the picture if you can’t read the text.)

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Don Perry said...

Thanks for this blog, and for this post. God seems to remind me (via circumstances) about humility by showing me how helpless and incompetent I am without Him. This is especially true when I am doing cross-cultural work.

Another, different issue that the cartoon reminded me of was Ralph Winter's comment years ago, of how theologically focused Western workers can have an implicit or explicit expectation that new movements among previously unreached people will quickly adopt all of our theological perspectives, and quickly drop their old (bad, harmful) religious and cultural practices.

This is in spite of how long it took our own church traditions to 'get it right' and have pure, correct theology and spiritual practices.

Thanks again!

Warrick Farah said...

Amen. Thanks Don.