Wednesday, May 1, 2013

“Narrative, Identity, and Discipleship” by Jens Barnett (2009)

Barnett, Jens. (2009), “Narrative, Identity and Discipleship”, in Musafir: A Bulletin of Intercultural Studies, 3:2, Dec 2009, pp3-5. DOWNLOAD

Narrative, Identity, and Discipleship is a brief article which examines our epistemological assumptions of discipleship among MBBs with special reference to socio-religious identity.

I appreciate Barnett’s willingness to grapple with the complexity of conversion and identity for MBBs while avoiding simplistic models and conclusions.

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Don Perry said...

Thank you for posting more from Jens Barnett. Barnett's thinking and fresh perspectives are so helpful.

I love where the PDF says, "... a seeker; divine revelation; an
impossible task; the promise of “with-ness,” faithful obedience; a crisis of faith; miraculous
intervention; expanded faith; joyful worship; leadership and multiplication; and a hunger for more.

What a description of how God moves. This is what I look for in my own work.