Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Larry Dinkins on Orality

Here is a thought provoking article on orality at by Dr. Larry Dinkins, “My Bumpy Road to Orality.”  The article references Simply the Story.

Here is a quote:

The truth hurt. Reverend Dinkins didn’t know how to follow seemingly simply directions for telling a Bible story. I also realized how tied I was to lecturing as my default communication tool. In the West we all use the lecture method because it delivers the largest amount of data in the least amount of time.  It also allows the teacher or preacher to exercise control by maintaining the flow of information in one direction. What I discovered in telling stories was the power of acknowledging the experience and insight of your listeners by using questions to help them unpack the lessons and principles that God has embedded in every Bible story. The contrast between my standard MO (lecturing) and the interactive nature of telling stories was yet another shock I encountered at STS.

I really need to become a better storyteller!

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