Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sow the Seed Widely, by A.H.

Here is a paper on broad-sowing evangelism by A.H., titled Sow the Seed Widely.  From the introduction:

Over the years as I’ve been involved in various outreach efforts, Jesus’ simple story has inspired me. In the Muslim world, I have sown seeds among many types of soil, often hard and dry. For me and many others I know outreach is not easy, but the simple challenge from this story has kept me going: We must sow our seed widely in order to see the harvest! This truth is what has inspired my thinking about our future work in North Africa, and I would like to share how the vision to sow the seed widely will play out in our team life on the field. First, I’ll discuss a method which traditionally has not been effective, and then talk about 3 practical ways our team plans to sow the seed widely in North Africa.

Here are his three practical ways:

  1. Have an organized, weekly outreach for everyone on the team to participate in.
  2. Each team member plans and is part of a monthly or bi-monthly (every other month) country outreach.
  3. Team members intentionally spend time with one another’s friends in order to increase potential sharing opportunities and to follow the biblical model of working 2-by-2.

Read the whole thing (3 pages).

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凱倫柏信 said...

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AT said...

that's a great article. so practical. I'm going to try some of it where I am.
John Macarthur preached at the Together for the Gospel conference recently on a related topic from Mark 4. He explains that the sower sows, then sleeps, trusting God to cause the growth. He calls it the Theology of Sleep.
Here's a link to the mp3 download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g2mhlt4xzjd/t4g2010-session5.mp3