Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pray for Farshid and our Iranian Brothers and Sisters

CGA6.pngFarshid Fathi, who was with us at Cape Town 2010, was recently arrested by Iranian authorities because of his Christian faith.  He was one of 70 Iranian believers arrested by government security forces on 26 December.  According to Elam Ministries, Farshid, like the thirteen others still being held, has been in solitary confinement and subjected to numerous hours of interrogation.
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Doug Birdsall, Lausanne's Executive Chair, says, "We're deeply concerned by the arrests of Christians in Iran.  We recognize evangelical Christians in Iran who have no other choice but to meet in 'house churches' as a legitimate part of the global church.  We therefore call on the Iranian government to release those arrested and ensure that Iranian Christians are free to worship God and practice their faith in accordance with the United Nations Charter of Human Rights."

Please be praying for Farshid and the other Iranian Christians being held.  Also, consider adding your voice by sending a short email to David Yeghnazar (, Director of Elam Ministries, a ministry that serves the church in Iran.  David was also with us in Cape Town.  In your email simply say that you are in agreement with Lausanne's position and request the Iranian government to ensure that Iranian Christians are free to worship and practice their faith.  Please state your name, your position and your church or organization. 

HT: Archbishop Henry Orombi 

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